MetLife Stadium hosts the world’s biggest events, on its biggest stage.

One of the major events that MetLife hosted on the stadium includes the following activities, such as:

Besides, MetLife Stadium hosted events managed by Kenny Chesney, Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and the Copa America Centenario (that includes three matches).

Corporate / Private Events

On the other hand, MetLife Stadium specializes in private and corporate events, such as:



General Parking Information Parking Capacities at MetLife Stadium are subject to change based on the type and size of an event or a game. Once a fan, visitor, or guest reaches MetLife Stadium, they will face a street level, highway, and variable electronic message signs which are directing fans right to the MetLife Parking lot entrances. Guests with tickets in the general seating complex are directed to park their cars and vehicles at the closest parking lots to their seating entry into the Sports Complex area. Traffic and Parking staff assist in ensuring efficient and safe travel throughout MetLife Sports Complex, and visitors, fans, and guests are required to kindly and patiently follow the directions that are instructed by the MetLife staff. It is recommended that MetLife Stadium ticket holders allow themselves enough time for arrival, parking, and other issues before the game or an event starts. It is also recommended that the ticket holders enter the MetLife stadium early to become aware of and familiar with the Stadium building, routes to their seats, concessions stands, portables, restroom locations, merchandise locations, etc. Parking Rules Visitors of MetLife Stadium must be aware that trailers, trucks, buses, and other oversized vehicles will not be permitted and allowed to park in the enclosed parking lot which is located on the east side of the Sports Complex, next to the Main Arena. Besides, illegal parking outside the MetLife Stadium’s Sports Complex, mainly on areas such as roadways, grass malls, medi