Tickets are sold and purchased in advance. Fans can buy tickets online, or visit the ticket office at MetLife Stadium.

Besides, fans can print the pass tickets or show ticket bar code via cell phone.


International matches

MetLife Stadium hosts major international matches and uses retractable seating in a FIFA-sanctioned soccer field to prepare for events. Here are some major international matches: The first international match was between Ecuador and Mexico in 2010, and around 77,507 fans attended the event; Another international soccer match was between Brazil and the United States in 2010, with 77,223 fans; Another international match was between the United States and Argentina in 2011. FIFA World Cup played in 2012, between Brazil and Colombia. In 2013, Argentina and Ecuador played an international match that ended with a 0–0 draw. In 2014, the MetLife stadium hosted an international play between Brazil and Ecuador, where Brazil won 1-0. In 2015, an International rematch was held among Argentina, and Ecuador ended with 2–1, with 48,000 fans. In 2016, MetLife Stadium hosted an International Champions Cup match between F.C. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, where Real Madrid won the game with 1–0. In 2017, an International Champions Cup was held between FC Barcelona and Juventus, where Barcelona won the match with 2–1, 82,104 fans. In 2018, two International Champions Cup matches were hosted by MetLife Stadium. The first match on July 25, between Manchester City F.C. and Liverpool F.C.; and the second on August 7, between A.S. Roma and Real Madrid C.F. In 2019, during an International Champions Cup, the first Madrid Derby was held outside of Europe between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid, where Atl&eac